This website offers high quality free and premium downloads that can be purchased with hive as the payment option. As a free spirited artist that dreams in digital...it makes me happy to create and give each day items of quiet artistic value as an inspiration for the future of decentralized blockchain technology and creative content creation. Seeing this one day blended with already existing online markets and the freelance artist and ecommerce economies would be truly remarkable. The dream digital network currently operates as a very basic example of how we can independently sell digital products on the community driven platform that surrounds the hive cryptocurrency coin. At the moment...I am finishing up a large series of free to use screensavers and would be very honored for you to hire me to turn your favorite photo into a vibrant one of a kind watercolor keepsake! These are limited edition...so after reaching one thousand custom orders my attention will shift towards other creative horizons. I hope that you decide to join me on this journey!